Aloha, welcome to the Queen of Hearts 'ohana! We're all a bunch of silly, weird-ass creatives who just wanna make you look and feel as good as you can, and have a good time while we're at it!  The QOH squad currently consists of four tattoo artists, three piercers, and one esthetician. There's usually at least two or three of us at the studio on any given day, so we're almost always available for walk-ins, although appointments are highly recommended.
You can view individual portfolios below. If you have any inquiries, please call, email, or stop by the studio, or you can also contact the artist directly.

• Lhena •

- tattoo artist - body piercer -
QOH Hawaii artist Ruah - tattoo artist

• Ruah •

- tattoo artist -


Queen of Hearts tattoo artist Sophia - Wailuku, Maui

• Sophia •

- tattoo artist -


Queen of Hearts tattoo artist Amanda - Wailuku, Maui

• Amanda •

- tattoo artist -
QOH Hawaii artist Chelsea - esthetics & body piercing

• Chelsea •

- esthetician - body piercer -

Visitor's Chair available!  We are always happy to open our doors to travelling artists.  Be careful though, you might end up moving--once you're on Maui it can be kinda hard to leave.  Inquire via phone or email.

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